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SeeedStudio - ATX Breakout Board Bench Power Supply Computer - DIY Maker Open Source BOOOLE

  • 1)The ATX breakout board routes the -12, 3.3, 5 and 12 volt ATX outputs to screw terminals, each protected by a 1.25 amp resettable polyfuse.
  • 2)Optional load resistor included but NOT soldered. Open source (CC BY-SA). Note:A 9 Watt load resistor is included but not soldered to the board.
  • 3)These four voltages cover many common electronics needs, there's even a negative voltage (-12 volts) for op amps and audio projects.
  • 4)Recycle an ATX computer power supply into a beefy bench tool that powers your projects.
  • 5)On-Off button and control circuit

An on/off button and a control circuit are included on-board, no modifications to the ATX supply are needed. **Features:** \- 12, 3.3, 5, 12 volt supplies @ 1.25 amp \- 1.25 amp polyfuses with reset on each power rail \- Indicator LEDs show that each rail is working \- Power good and enabled indicator LEDs \- On-Off button and control circuit \- Optional load resistor included but NOT soldered \- Open source (CC BY-SA) \- **Note:** A 9 Watt load resistor is included but not soldered to the board. In our experience most modern ATX supplies don't require a significant load on the 5 volt rail to start. An artificial load just wastes electricity and creates unnecessary heat. Please let us know your experience. \- Some special ATX supplies provide -5volts, but the vast majority don't. We broke it out and added the fuse, but didn't populate the screw terminal. \- **Resources** \- Documentation \- Design overview View Details

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