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Hicarer 100 Pack Black Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts Self Adhesive Cable Tie Base Holders with Black Multi-Purpose Cable Tie (Length 200 mm, Width 2.8 cm)

  • Space saving tools: the set of cable management give you a flexible anchor points, to make cables more tidy and orderly, save your space from disordered environment
  • Easy using: self-adhesive mounts, install quickly, do not require screws; Use the built-in screw hole for adding strength, 100 matching cable ties provide a more flexible using
  • Reliable quality: the strong adhesive make it grip firmly, suit to clean, flat and dry place; Strong cable ties are usable in many applications, about 50 pounds tensile strength
  • Function: well manage cable ties, provide with a fulcrum, make cables organized, such as stick them on the wall; Of course, you can just use zip tie alone, creative approaches is available as you like
  • Size detail: adhesive mounts size: 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.23 inch; The compatible cable diameter: 0.2 inch; Zip tie: 8 inches long, 0.2 inches wide, 50 pounds tensile strength

Cleaner and safer: Good management tool if you have a bunch of stray cables hanging around your desk area and such. With these products, you can manage to clean your mass cables up a lot. Make it look nicer, cleaner, and safer. Cable management set: Since they're zip ties, they can handle very large amounts of cables, and you can obviously tie as many of them together. You can place your wiring into wire loom then fastened every 1.5 feet to keep these wires in place and neat, these cable tie do work well as designed. Specifications: Adhesive mounts: Material: nylon Color: black Size: 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.23 inch Screw hole width: 0.2 inch Cable tie: Material: nylon Color: black Length: 8 inch Width: 0.2 inch Thickness: 0.043 inch Tensile strength: 50 pounds Operating temperature: from -40 to 185 Fahrenheit Package includes: 100 x Adhesive mount 100 x Cable tie View Details

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