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Affordable Cable Organizers, Organize Your Plug, Cables, Cords Or Wires, 5 in 1 2 Pack Strong Stick 3M Adhesive

  • Busy Guy? Wireless Bluetooth! Smartphone! Laptop! Desktop! PC! Telephone! Spares! Sitting all around with wires? WOW weve been excited to help!
  • Affordable Organizers comes in sets of 2 each holds 5 in total 10 keep up to 10 wires secure in one place~
  • Now stay safe! Be Calm Enjoy the Handsfree Power of CABLE FREE! Keep as Much as 10 Wires, Cords, Cables,or Strings, Straps and more. organized in one to two cable organizers!
  • easy to use small design take 1 instead of 5!
  • No Wobling no Jumping no tangling Affordables unique Organizers offers stability and strong ever lasting stick designs

**Product Details** Have you ever unplugged something and let the plug fall to the floor? What a mess that is. Now with this Adhesive Plug Holder you can keep them in order. Say goodbye to that mess of plugs and cables on the floor or about your desktop work area. This holder will help you to organize all kinds of cables and cords for mobile devices, consumer electronics, computers, and printers. If you want to know how to organize a home office that has multiple cables running to and from computers, cell phones, and tablets, then you need a way to keep everything in an orderly fashion both during use and after you unplug them. By separating and storing these cables, you will have them ready for use when needed. Using this multi-purpose cable organizer that you can stick to any flat surface, is super easy to use. Just place the cable or cord in between two of the separator posts and let the plug end rest on top of the rack when plug is not in use. Or just keep them neatly separated when in use. This will help to keep your office workspace area organized. **Specifications** Made of a high quality ABS plastic and with the strong sticking 3M adhesive, you can mount these clips on a vertical surface and they will not fall off when holding whatever you mount into and on them. Because of this strong adhesive you can stick these organized holders practically anywhere you need for a secure hold. I personally use one on the edge of my desk so my USB cables do not fall to the floor when not in use and I have another holder below my electrical outlet on the wall to hold any plug cords when not plugged into the socket. It keeps everything nice and tidy. **FEATURES:** • High Quality ABS Plastic •, Approximately 4 inches wide • White 3M Adhesive Tape Back. Strong sticking, durable and long lasting • Will stick to any flat surface • View Details

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