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2 in 1 Car Paint Polish Set, 30ml AutoCare Car Paint Sealant and 30ml Coating Plating Protection Kit

  • The sacrifical coated on the surface can be used as a coat of the barrier.
  • Simple application saves time, only one layer is enough to achieve maximum durability.
  • Multi layer technology enables the flexible coating at the bottom and the water repellent coating at the top.
  • Protect your car from scratching, make the car more shining like the new.
  • Protect your car from aging, weathering and erosion, sunshine, sour powder, etc.

Specifications: Material: silicon dioxide Capacity: degreasing agent: 30ml, sealant liquid: 30ml Applicable models: universal Operating Methods: 1\. Clean the car, and park it in shade for operation. 2\. Spray the degreasing agent on the towel, then wipe the car paint back and forth with the towel. You can start applying the sealant liquid after the car paint get dried. 3\. Wrap the sealant liquid sponge with the sealant liquid cloth to make a operating tool, then drop the original sealant liquid on the tool. The sealant liquid tool is dry at first, so you're suggested to drop more original liquid. And it's recommended to drop 3-5 drops for every 40 * 40cm area later. 4\. Sealant Liquid Applying Steps: front cover - roof - rear cover - rear door - front bumper - rear bumper 5\. After 5 minutes, pick some sealant liquid with your fingers. If it is sticky, then you can start wiping. 6\. Wipe the car paint back and forth with a clean towel until the it is bright. After wiping, check whether there are some omissions. Package included: 2x 30ml Auto Ceramic Coating View Details

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