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APEMAN Action Camera Battery Rechargeable Dual 1050mAh and USB Dual battery Charger for Sport Camera and 4k Action Camera

  • 【Rapid 2-Channel Charger】:Allows charging 2pcs 1050mAh batteries at one time
  • 【Compatibility】:Each battery is rated at 1050mAh, fully compatible with Apeman action camera.
  • 【Extra power for your Action Camera】:High energy density, high recycle life, long life battery.
  • 【Smart LED light】:Smart LED light indicated RED when charging and GREEN when completed or no battery in charging.
  • 【Included】:Two batteries, One dual charger, One USB-Micro cord

Apeman battery is designed for action camera. Apeman battery charger is good product to prolong the using time of battery and giving you a better experience in filming, which means your action camera is offered with enough power. **Battery:** Cell Type: Li-ion Capacity: 1050 mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.7V **Charger:** Input: 5V / 2V Output: 4.2V / 0.75A (X2) Port: Micro USB **Package Included:** One Battery Charger One Micro USB Cable Two Li-ion batteries View Details

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