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RotorRiot Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame

  • Binds easy,the controller is to small but gets the job done

Expected release date is Dec 11th 2017 The Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame Our team pilot Tommy Tibajia dreamed of something that existing FPV frames were not able to provide - a truly balanced quad with most of the weight as close to the CG as possible. After over half a year of design work and testing, as well as many iterations of prototypes, Tommy’s dream has come true. The Ummagawd Remix FPV Frame, unofficially dubbed “the Ummakwad”, has been designed to put most of the weight of the quad as close as possible to the center of gravity. It was no easy task to rethink the way traditional mini quads are built, but the end result looks and performs extremely well! DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS In order to centralize the weight, the electronic components are installed under the center plate, and the battery is placed sideways across the top of the frame. This gets the bulk of the View Details

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