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ValueRays® Chair Warmer, USB Heated Warm Chair Pad, Infrared Heat Chair Pad, Warm Office Chair Pad

  • Warms Seat
  • Infrared Heat
  • Chair Pad
  • Hand Washable Cover
  • USB Connects to Computer

USB Heated ValueRays® USB Chair Warmer is an infrared heated seat cushion - an USB heated chair cushion to help keep you warm while using the computer. It is a low, steady heat with a carbon fiber infrared heating element attached inside at the center of the chair pad. Do you or someone you know work in a cold office or work space? If so, try using ValueRays® infrared heated office products. ValueRays® uses a low voltage USB connection to deliver a steady, warm heat to you while sitting in your chair using the computer. The ValueRays® Chair Warmer is made of a soft velour cloth with ties at the back to secure it to your chair. The long USB cord is about 65" long and makes it easy to connect the heated seat cushion to just about any USB port on your computer. The heated chair cushion measures about 19" wide by 15" deep with a pad about 1" thick. The foam chair pad is covered with a soft velour fabric. The chair pad cover can be removed and hand washed/dried. When hand washing and cleaning the chair pad cover make sure it is completely dry prior to use. There's a large zipper on the back of the chair pad to remove the chair pad cover for cleaning. Do not wash the USB cord or the heating element located inside the ValueRays® Chair Warmer. The carbon fiber heating element is located inside the chair pad at the center of the seat's cushion. The heating element measures about 5" in diameter. Placing the heating element in the center of the cushion creates a comfortable warm place to sit. The warmth generated by the seat cushion is not hot. It is safe for people and the computer. The low-heat is distributed for a comfortable place to sit when warmth is needed in a cold office, work space or home office. The ValueRays® Chair Warmer gets warm, not hot. This is not a hot, heating pad. This is a soft, comfortable chair cushion providing a low level of warmth using the USB connection on your computer. View Details

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