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4PCS EMAX RS2205-S 2300KV Brushless Motor And 4PCS EMAX 30A Dshot Bullet Series BLHeli-S ESC For FPV Racing Multirotor

  • The new standard of EMAX RS2205-S 2300KV Brushless Motor is to have all four motors tighten clockwise.The completely redesigned RS2205-S is upgraded with features racing multirotors absolutely need. The motor is lighter, yields faster bell rotational response, higher thrust, uses premium materials and backed with EMAX's legendary production quality.
  • Compared to the RS2205, the new RS225-S cranks out another +100g of thrust.
  • RS2205-S 2300KV:N52SH Double side arc shaped magnet,new stator design with precision winding of the wire increse 10% magnetic field intensity.
  • Bullet 30A ESC:Supports new digital signal: DSHOT, and analog signals: MULTISHOT, ONESHOT42, ONESHOT125
  • Bullet 30A ESC:Imported MOS tube, Japanese ceramic capacitors, 3oz High-TG PCB board, significantly reduces electrical heat soak and improves system efficiency.

**RS2205-S 2300KV** Lighter and Lower Profile: The bell has been redesigned to have a lower profile without sacrificing the structural integrity of the motor. **Cooling:** RS2205-S cooling fins have been reworked to keep the motor height and weight low while maintaining functionality. **N52SH Curved Magnets:** By utilizing N52SH curved magnets, the pulling force between the stator and magnet is greatly increased. **Bearings:** Genuine Japanese NMB bearings ensure smooth, long-lasting performance. **Thrust:** Compared to the RS2205, the new RS225-S cranks out another +100g of thrust. Paired with a KingKong 6x4 propeller, expect over 1,400 grams of thrust . Hollowed Steel Prop shaft and main shaft: The upgraded shafts maximize durability. No worry of damaging threads during crashes. **Bell Retaining Screw:** No more E-Clips. With a retaining screw, RS2205-S has no chance of having bells pop out during a race. **Specifications:** KV: 2300 Framework: 12N14P Diameter: 27.9MM Max.thrust: 1281g No. of cells: 3-4S Length: 28.6MM Weight: 28.8g Propeller: 5inches Shaft: 3MM **EMAX BLheli_S Bullet 30A ESC 2-4S** **Specification** Modle: EMX-SC-1774 Con.Current: 30A Input Voltage: 2-4S Size:11.9*19.6mm Weight:3.9g **Package Includes:** 4 pics EMAX RS2205-S 2300KV Brushless Motor 4 pics EMAX 30A Dshot Bullet Series BLHeli-S ESC View Details

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