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Pomax 1000W 12V DC to 120V AC Portable Power Inverter for Car with Quick USB Charger

  • Pomax leading technology power inverter to converter from 12v dc to 110v ac for in-car use. 1000W continuous and 1600W for peak power. 2 AC Outlets and 2 2.4A USB Ports
  • Super-Speed fast charging technology: 110V AC outlet for charging devices such as laptop, digital camera, TV, fan, refrigerator, game console, DVD/Blu-Ray player, GPS, lamps, and more. 2*2.4 USB fast charging ports for you phone charge and other USB charging devices.
  • Portable and lightweight: designed size for in-car use 24 inch cigarette lighter plug with cable makes the power inverter can be plugged into almost any vehicle
  • Ultra-Safe Protection: build-in fuse to protect your car and your electronics, also overheating, under and over voltage charging, short circuiting, overloads, and overcharging to prevent you from danger
  • Reliable housing protection for drops and crashes, smart cooling fan make it noise-free while using small power devices

Pomax is devoted to providing best quality products with a better price. Some charges for battery packs used in power tools also be abled to start with an inverter. A must-have for your road trips, vacations, outdoors, emergency kits and more. Specifications: • Material:AI-MG Alloy • Nominal input voltage:DC 12V • Nominal output voltage:110V DC • Output frequency:60Hz±3Hz • Continuous output power:Up to 600W • Surge output power(0.1 second):1200W • Input overvoltage shutdown:16±0.5VDC • Input undervoltage alarm: 10.5±0.5VDC • Input low voltage shutdown: 10±0.5VDC • Output wave: Modified sine wave. • Internal fuse:40A/32V*2 • USB port:2.4A*2 • Indicator: Green for ON Red for OFF More details and tips: • connect the inverter to a battery, and plug your AC devices into the inverterv • The inverter draws low amperage from the battery with the main ON/OFF switch turned on and no load connected. To prevent battery discharge,turn the inverter off when you are not using it. • Only connect the power inverter to a 12V battery or power supply • Disconnect the positive battery terminal before doing any wiring to the inverterv • Do not let the inverter into sunlight directly, keep it in cool environment Note: Never run the inverter with any loads higher than 150W via the cigarette lighter outlet in your vehicles since the maximum allowed current through cigarette lighter outlet is 15A ;please use the battery clamp cable with connection directly to the 12V battery while you run any loads higher 150W but lower than 750W View Details

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