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HKM 200 pieces M3 Nylon Male Female Hex Utility Spacer Standoff Screw Nut Assortment Mounting Hardware Kit, Prototyping Accessories Spacer Standoff Varied Length Assortment Box

  • 1.LIGHTWEIGHT BUT HEAVY DUTY: The dielectric nylon material is sturdy and light, which makes these components suitable for applications when you try to save on weight or need it non-conductive, such as isolating or fastening PCBs, working with carbon fiber, etc.
  • 2.EXPLICIT DIAGRAM: A diagram inside the storage box corresponds to the every compartment with labels so you know what size each part is and where to get it in the box
  • 3.VARIOUS SIZES FOR DIFFERENT USE: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm standoffs, with enough hex nuts and screws to pair with them, are included for most modules' secure and gentle mounting
  • 4.COMPLETELY SAFE: These components are RoHS compliant and meet requirements of UL94 V-2 flammability standard
  • 5.APPLICATION EXAMPLES: PDB and flight controller stack building, motion sensor mounting, Arduino microcontroller board building, Naze32 controller board building, etc

This 200pcs Assorted M3 Nylon Mounting Hardware Kit provides you different sizes of standoffs with screws and nuts that are most commonly used in electronics/ robots building projects, helping for different combination needed for different height restrictions. It comes with a solid well-arranged plastic case that is light enough for you to carry to the field, having all the parts handy and easy to be found. **These are generally used for but not limited to:** 1\. Keeping the bottom of a circuit board away from a metal enclosure 2\. Holding a PCB board or other electronic components off the back of a polycarbonate board(e.g. Lexan) or acrylic ornament (e.g. Plexiglass) ● RC receivers: e.g. Taranis qx7 ● Flight controller (FC) ● Power distribution board (PDB) ● Motherboard ● Robots ● Multi copter/ Multi rotor ● 3D printing electronics **Specifications** \- Material: Durable hard white nylon \- Operating temperature: -20°C - 120 °C \- Screw thread diameter(±): M3/3mm Six Angle height(±): (from the shortest one to the longest one) 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm,20mm \- Male thread lengths(±): 6mm(both standoffs and screws) \- Thread pitch: 0.5mm **What Is in The Box:** \- Male-Female Spacers M3 x 6mm + 6mm 20pcs M3 x 8mm + 6mm 20pcs M3 x 10mm + 6mm 20pcs M3 x 12mm + 6mm 20pcs M3 x 15mm + 6mm 10pcs M3 x 20mm + 6mm 10pcs \- Phillip head screws (M3 x 6mm) 50pcs \- Hex nuts (M3) 50pcs View Details

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