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Tupavco TEX-100 Ethernet Extender Kit (Pair 2pc) Range up to 1 Mile/7000FT over Phone Copper Wire or CAT5/CAT6 Network Cable -VDSL2 Lan Booster Bridge Repeater-VDSL High Speed Broadband 100 Mbps

  • Ethernet Extender Kit up to 7000FT (One Mile) Distance Away - Tupavco TEX-100 Pair - VDSL2 Bridge Modem Network Repeater Range Distance up to 1 Mile/7000FT over Single Pair Phone Copper Wire - VDSL High Speed Broadband - Lan Network Booster/Repeater. Ethernet Cable Extender allows connectivity by using over existing copper phone wire where new cabling or wireless are not possible
  • This is VDSL extender/bridge, not VDSL internet router or modem. User Manual and instructions are included on the CD with the Extender and the manual and instructional PDF can be downloaded from the listing page. Please make sure that the product fits your application and that is LAN network transfer to the remote location over single pair phone cooper wire or over the RJ45 cable.
  • Plug and Play Easy Install - No Driver or Software Installation needed - 100/100Mbps for both Upstream and Downstream within 1000FT or 22/19 Mbps for 3000FT long range connections ... up to 7000FT - Compatible with third party DSLAM - IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag transparent
  • Selectable CPE and CO mode via DIP switch - Selectable VDSL2 profil mode (17a or 30a) - Selectable target band plan: Symmetric/Asymmetric - Selectable target SNR margin (6dB or 9dB)
  • High Speed Broadband to Motels, Hotels, Clinics, Hospitals, Apartment Buildings, Schools, Dorms and other Facilities.With its high performance and plug-n-play design, TEX-100 VDSL2 Ethernet Extender is the ideal Long Reach Ethernet solution for ISPs and carriers to quickly deploy a high-speed IP-based network for triple play (video, voice and data) services.

Ethernet Extender Kit TEX-100 VDSL2 is a high-speed, Long Reach Ethernet Booster/LAN Repeater with one RJ45 Ethernet port and one RJ45 VDSL port. Bridge modem use VDSL2 technology to extend Ethernet service over single-pair phone line. VDSL2 Ethernet Extender features 100Mbps of symmetric data rate. Use two TEX-100 VDSL2 in CO and CPE mode to establish a point-to-point connection in your network. **Features** -Support flow control on Fast Ethernet port via PAUSE frame or Back Pressure -IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag transparent -Easy PnP installation -Selectable CPE and CO mode and VDSL2 profile (17a or 30a) via DIP switch are built in the same unit -Selectable VDSL2 profile mode (17a or 30a) for high data rate -Symmetric mode support the band plan G.997 and provide the symmetric transmission on both down and upstream -Asymmetric Provides highest line rate in short range -Selectable target SNR margin **Specifications** -DIP Switch:CO/CPE mode,30a/17a Profile,Symmetric or Asymmetric,SNR margin 6dB/9dB -LED:ACT/LNK,10/100Mpbs,Half/Full Duplex,CO/CPE,Idle/Trained/Link -LAN Interface:RJ-45,IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3x,10/100 Base-T Auto-Negotiation,Auto-MDI/MDI-X -VDSL Interface:RJ-45,DMT Encoding,ITU-T G993.1/993.2/G.997.1,Surge Protector **Performance - AWG24 Wire: 17a VDSL Profile-Down/Up stream** 1000ft-100/72 Mbps 2000ft-42/46 3300ft-18/13 4000ft-16/7 5000ft-12/3 6000ft-9/2 6500ft-5/2 **30a VDSL2** 1000ft-100/100 Mbps 2000ft-40/45 2000ft-40/45 3000ft-22/19 4000ft-16/7 5000ft-12/3 6000ft-8/2 7000ft-5/2 The actual data may vary depending on copper wire and environment. View Details

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