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StarTech.com Cisco GLC-T Compatible - 10 Pack - Gigabit SFP - SFP Transceiver Module - RJ45 - MM - Cisco Copper SFP Module - 1000Base-SX

  • Maximize cost-savings and performance with this bulk pack of multi-mode Mini-GBIC modules
  • Gigabit Fiber SFP Transceiver Module / Cisco GLC-SX-MM Compatible / MM LC
  • SFP 10 Pack / Gb fiber SFP module / LC SFP transceiver
  • 1000Base-SX
  • 550 m (1804 ft.)
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications and MSA industry standards
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hot-pluggable

Perfect for large-scale deployments or installations on multiple devices, this bulk pack of Gigabit fiber SFP transceivers provides maximum cost savings and reliable performance. Built to exacting specifications and fully tested to ensure maximum performance, these high-quality transceiver modules can be installed into Cisco switches and routers that support the GLC-SX-MM transceiver module, and other major brands of networking equipment. The Mini- GBIC modules provide a dependable and cost-effective way to add, replace or upgrade the Gigabit fiber ports on your 1000Base-SX networking equipment, backed by a lifetime warranty. Built for reliable network performance The SFP transceivers in this 10-pack are manufactured by StarTech to meet or exceed OEM specifications and comply with the industry's MSA standards. Committed to the highest standards of quality, StarTech provides an extensive range of networking products including copper and fiber network cards, fiber media converters, Ethernet switches and wireless products. Fully compatible with Cisco and other major brands These Gigabit multimode SFPs are engineered to the highest quality standards and are 100% Cisco compatible, equivalent to the Cisco GLC-SX-MM SFP transceiver. StarTech SFP transceivers are configured and fully tested to ensure they work seamlessly with Cisco or other major brands of networking equipment. You can be assured that the use of StarTech SFP products should not affect the warranty protection of your networking equipment.  Delivering convenience and scalability, these fiber SFPs are hot- pluggable. Ideal for use in switches, routers and other networking equipment, the SFPs allow you to expand your network to remote segments cost-effectively. The multimode SFPs have a maximum distance of up to 550 m (1804 ft.) and maximum data rates of up to 1.25Gbps. Count on GLCSXMM10PST for reliable performance, backed by a lifetime warranty and free lifetime technical support. View Details

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