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Boston Acoustics Bravo 20 Compact High Performance Loudspeaker - Black

  • Boston-engineered for the Boston Sound
  • Wedge shape multiplies mounting options
  • Vented enclosure extends bass response
  • Includes a unique patented bracket the simplifies installation on walls, ceilings, or in corners and allows for easy wiring in-wall or on-wall
  • Accurate sound dispersion in both vertical and horizontal positions

The Boston Bravo 20 is a compact multipurpose, high performance loudspeaker whose unique design allows it to fit discreetly anywhere in your home especially on walls, in corners, and other tight locations. Sometimes called the on-wall/in-wall, the Bravo 20 is the perfect choice when you want the speaker to disappear, but can’t cut holes in your walls. Its metal grille and contemporary styling also make it the ideal solution for flat panel TV sound. View Details

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