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Viking Electronics K-1900-5 Viking Hot Dialer with Touch Tone

  • Viking Hot DialerVK
  • K
  • 1900
  • 5 provides 1 to 32 digit Touch Tone dialing on C.O. lines or analog PABX/KSU stations, and 1 and 4 second pauses as needed to use behind a PABX, access a pager from an alarm contact, etc. The K
  • 5 also blocks hand

Hot Dialer With Touch ToneTouch Tone ProgrammableTelephone Line PoweredNonvolatile E2 Memory (no Batteries Required) Ring Detection (wont Dial On Inbound Calls) User Programmable Security CodeProgrammable Pauses In One And Four Second IncrementsProgrammable To Interrupt UserTouch Tone Dialing To Help Control Fraudulent Calls From Hand Held Dialers Etc.Programmable Dialing Speed (normal Or Fast) Can Be Configured To Operate From A Contact Closure (fax Back Doc 818) View Details

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