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Vaiseke AC to DC Power Socket Adapter Converter 110~220V Mains to 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Power Adapter Charger Household Cigarette Lighter, Dual USB Interface

  • The style is novel, unique and portable to carry. charging process is quick with high efficiency, good stability, safety and reliability.
  • Universal AC/ DC Power converter,LED charging indicator,Light and Compact, perfect for traveling or road trip
  • Double USB 2.0 interface, connect different charging lines or data lines to charge the corresponding mobile phone (equipment).
  • The universal car charger interface can remove the worries of consumers with car charger in the room but without the connection of AC charger. Connect the car charger through the interface and then connect different charging lines or data lines to charge the corresponding mobile phones (equipment).
  • Ac to dc adapter Input AC220V 50Hz 0.15A -Output DC 5.0V 23100mA Max DC 12V 1000mA Max

**Features:** Color:Black Size Reference:2.7 x 3.3 x 1.4 (in) **Vaiseke AC to DC Adapter converts,Transform your car charger into a wall charger with the Adapter** Can be charged through the car charger to the phone,choose a stylish and convenient car charger is very important,high-end.manufacturing process. Makes charging mobile devices so simple from the comfort of your home Converting 120V AC into 12V DC, it provides an output of 1000mA which extends the convenience of your 12V car chargers. Also works perfectly when traveling,Just bring your car charger along with this converter,Small and easy to pack for travel. **Operating instructions:** Interface of car charger Insert the car charger into the interface of car charger of the product. Then insert the product into the socket of AC power supply. Insert the interface at the other end of the connection line to the interface of the equipment to be charged. The equipment prompts charging. Then normal charging is conducted. When the equipment prompts completion of charging, it indicates that battery of the equipment is fully charged. There is no need to charge any more. Please pull out the charger from the socket and keep it properly. **Package Included:** 1 X AC to DC car cigarette lighter converting charger **Matters needing attention:** This adapter provides enough power for smartphones, GPS systems, MP3 players, cameras and other small portable devices. This adapter has a maximum power of 1000 Ma View Details

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