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StarTech.com Gigabit Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Media Converter - SM LC - 10 km ET91000SM10

  • Convert and extend a GbE connection up to 10 km (6.2 mi) using single-mode LC fiber cable
  • Gigabit Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Media Converter SM LC 10 km
  • Ethernet Media Converter / GbE Converter / 1000Mbps Network Extender and Converter / Fiber to Copper
  • Supports standalone operation or install into ETCHS2U chassis
  • Cost-effective network extension up to 10km using fiber-optical cable
  • Includes a pre-installed GbE SFP transceiver
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Supports LFP / ALS / Jumbo Frames

Convert and extend a Gigabit Ethernet connection up to 10km (6.2 miles) using single-mode LC fiber cable - This Gigabit Ethernet to fiber media converter is a cost-effective way to extend your network, or extend the distance between two devices by up to 10 km (6.2 mi.). Fiber network connections provide greater distance and security, with less electromagnetic interference (EMI) than typical RJ45 copper-based networks, making it perfect for IT professionals and secure setups in government, business, or educational applications. Flexible integration into mixed network environments This versatile copper-to-fiber converter supports standalone operation, or alternatively it can be installed into the StarTech.com ETCHS2U" text="Rack mount Chassis (ETCHS2U - sold separately), giving you more options for integration into your existing network. The card module can also be inserted back into the ET91000SM10 enclosure, plus it’s compatible with enclosures from other StarTech.com ET91000 series media converters (sold separately). The converter features a pre-installed Gigabit SFP transceiver with LC connectors. Should your network infrastructure change in the future, you can easily swap and replace the module to adapt the media converter to your new network requirements. With flexible integration and connectivity up to 10 km away, you can provide network access to remote areas in other buildings, or in areas where Wi-Fi® is unreliable or unavailable. Rugged and reliable This heavy-duty fiber media converter is designed for maximum reliability. It features a metal (steel) enclosure, so it can withstand the demands of harsh environments such as factories or warehouses. Plus, by relying on this more durable fiber media converter, you can reduce the strain on your existing copper-based network equipment and potentially extend the life of those devices, which helps save future expenses. Diagnose and correct issues easily This high-performance media converter supports a range of network setup and diagnostic protocols (for example, Link Fault Pass-through, Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS), and Auto MDIX, so you can set up and troubleshoot your network easily. Prepare your network for the future If your existing network consists of RJ45 copper-based devices and cables, you might not be ready for future network expansion. Because the newest fiber-based network switches feature SFP ports more often than RJ45 ports, you might need a converter to bridge your copper and fiber networks together. The ET91000SM10 is backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty, and free lifetime technical support. View Details

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