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fastest USB charge only cable with fast charger speed enabled circuit built in for ability of high 3 Amp charging / designed for Plantronics Discovery 925L

  • 22 gauge power wires makes for the fastest charge possible and built in circuit tells your Plantronics Discovery 925L to use fast charging
  • custom design only made by BASTENS with our custom fast charge circuit and pliable light weight cable for your convenience
  • what is included? one (1) USB charge cable specifically designed for the Plantronics Discovery 925L
  • black in color - USB cable length is 1 meter (40 inches) ... not too short yet not to long to be cumbersome
  • not all USB chargers offer the proper signalling on the USB connector to tell your Plantronics Discovery 925L to go into charge mode. this USB cable ensures the device gets the proper signaling for the fastest charge possible.

Save time and charge your Plantronics Discovery 925L with speed. This USB charger cable is small enough to fit in your pocket and a great suit case companion. This is the lightest and most convenient way to bring a USB charge cable with you. View Details

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