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150W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Outlet Socket Aibileec Cigarette Lighter Adapter For Laptop Macbook Surfacebook with 4.8A Dual Smart Quick USB Charger Port

  • All in One Car cigarette lighter adapter charger built in USB Quick Smart fast charging Port (2.4A , 2.4 A Auto) for all Digital Camera, Cell-phone, Smart-phone, Tablet, Kindle, Recharging portable battery, GPS, 110V AC Outlet adapter Invert Car Electricity to house Energy to power or charge up for Notebook PC Computer laptop Macbook Surface-book, gaming console, TV, DVD, Vacuum, and A 12V DC cigarette lighter Adapter for additional use of your choice.
  • Power inverter convert the car cigarette port to multifunction charger adapter include a 150Watt AC current standard plug socket, two qc 2.4 usb port and additional expansion 12v DC cigarette lighter port. Is Design for those who stay inside the car overnight long distance trip travel keep your friends and Family have fun play games Pokémon go and work. No need to go out search for wall plug.
  • It will Protects your car battery when the battery is below 10.5 Volt the Warning battery light show up, turn your car engine on and recharge the car's battery. Please Power off the charger when you leave your vehicle.
  • Full protection with a circuit break when too much current overload, it will automatic shutdown the charger without blow your car's fuse. The charger has built in Cooling Fan dispute the heat when Convert Car Electricity Current of DC to AC.
  • Perfect fit in any vehicle cup holder preventing rolling and swing to disturb you driving.

**The car charger adapters convert the cigarette lighter port in to three different ports : ** # 1 Power inverter port is a standard plug socket invert car DC current to AC current to power on ac 110v electronic appliances and charge up laptop macbook surface book inside the car maximum output 180Watt #2 Dual Smart USB Quick chargers 2.4A for Cellphone Camera Power-bank and tablet. #3 Additional expansion 12v Cigarette light port for your other device. Specification: Power inverter kit Car cigarette lighter charger 12V DC power inverter to 110V AC electricity standard plug socket InputVoltage:DC12V RatedPower:150W Over-voltage protection:180W±20W Do not use to charge electronic that is require over 180w Output voltage:AC110V±10% Unload current:≤0.4A Outputfrequency:50HZ±2HZ Outputwaveform:ModifiedSineWave Under-voltage recovery voltage:16.0V±0.5V Output short circuit protection:Have Overheatin gprotection:60±5℃ = 145 Fahrenheit Overheating recovery temperature:≤38℃ = 100.4 Fahrenheit The shell temperature:≤50℃ = 122 Fahrenheit Heat-dissipatingmethod:Smart Cooling Fan USB output: 5V/2.4mA*2AUTO mode DCOutput: 12V15A MAX USA standar plug View Details

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