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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 8x8 Inch (6 Pack) for Lens, Eyeglasses, Glasses, Screen, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Cell Phone - Lint-FREE Cleaner Cloths to Clean Camera Lenses, Tablets, Touch LCD TV Screens

  • Cleaning Cloth (6 Pack) made of Scratch-free, Lint-free, extremely fine & gentle Microfiber® - Clean dirt, grease & stains in one swipe - SAFE for expensive glasses, eyeglasses, camera lenses, big screen TVs, phones and tablets (Apple iPhone, iPad, etc) - Won't scratch delicate surfaces!
  • Thick 220 GSM (30% thicker than other similar cloths), top quality (optical grade), tightly woven, brushed, Microfiber® fabric composed of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide for enhanced softness.
  • 6 black cleaning cloths + 6 FREE carrying pouches (one per cloth) - Durable high-quality pouches you can keep in your pocket or bag to ensure cleanness of the cloths - You do not want your cloths to accumulate abrasive dust particles!
  • 100% Satisfaction & Scratch-Free Guarantee. We guarantee these cleaning cloths actually remove greasy fingerprints (unlike many other similar cloths that just smear them on). We also guarantee they won't scratch delicate surfaces. We will refund your order 100% if that happens!
  • Size: 8 x 8 inches (20cm x 20cm) Medium - With a soft zigzag edge gentle enough not to damage delicate surfaces.

**Screen Cleaning Cloth / Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth - Microfiber Cloth (8 x 8 Inches) in Pouches - 6 Pack** Unlike other similar cleaning cloths, SecurOMaxTM cleaning cloths: **✔ won't scratch your expensive device! ✔ 100% lint free (never leave any lint behind); ✔ remove dust & greasy fingerprints in one easy swipe (while other cloths just smear them on).** SecurOMaxTM Perfect Microfiber Cleaning Cloth came into existence as a result of extensive lab testing. We tested over 100 different samples advertised as "optical grade cleaning cloth", and only a few of them passed all our tests, so think twice! We chose the microfiber fabric that is: ✔ **extremely soft and gentle** ; ✔ thick 220 GSM & tightly woven; ✔ brushed on both sides properly to be lint free; ✔ enriched with 20% Polyamide for extra softness; ✔ made in a clean facility with no abrasive particles present. We also included **6 FREE premium quality pouches** for your cleaning cloths, so you can keep them clean and away from abrasive dust particles. Never keep your cleaning cloths unprotected! Abrasive dust is everywhere! SecurOMaxTM cleaning cloths work best for: ✔ eyeglasses and sunglasses; ✔ camera & video lenses; ✔ handheld devices such as iPad® & iPhone®; ✔ LCD, TV & touch screens. **SecurOMaxTM is the only cleaning cloth Backed by a Scratch-Free Guarantee!** We guarantee SecurOMaxTM cleaning cloths won't scratch your devices. We will refund your order 100% if that happens! **Don't risk your $3000 lens! Go get yourself at least one 6 Pack NOW!** View Details

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