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9 Volt Battery, Allmaybe Advanced 9V 1200mAh Lithium Batteries, 2 Counts

  • 10 YEARS STORAGE LIFE: Super long storage life span, up to 10 years, friendly environment and less waste. (Do not attempt to recharge)
  • LARGE CAPACITY: With 1200mAh capacity, power 20% longer than standard Alkaline, no need to replace the batteries frequently. Two allmaybe batteries equal to four standard Alkaline.
  • POLLUTION-FREE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Belong to lithium batteries, does not contain any Hg/Cd/Pb, Safety for use, harmless to environment., double protection more safety for usage and storage.
  • LIGHTTER FOR PORTABLE: Weigh 1/4 less than standard Alkaline, small size, which are portable for wherever you need.
  • EXTENSIVE USE: Works with a variety of devices including digital cameras, game controllers, remote control toys, clocks, wireless microphones, walkie-talkies, smoke alarms, radio, multimeter and other electronic instrumentation products.

**About Allmaybe** Allmaybe always persistently providing high quality and services for everyone, try to make everything be possiable. Professional and reliable on AA/AAA/C/D/18650/Cordless Phone Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Chargers. **Environmental Pollution-Free & Economic-Saving** * Long storage life span - up to 10 years, less waste. * Power last up to 20% longer and weigh 1/4 less than standard Alkaline. * Recommended for smoke alarms, professional audio and medical devices, digital cameras, game controllers, remote control toys, wireless microphones, walkie-talkies and multimeter. **Performance 9V Li-Mno2 Batteries** Voltage: 1.5V Capacity: 1200mAh Size: 26.5*17.5*48.5mm±0.2mm Weight: 100g/3.18oz Relative Humidity: 45%-70% Storage Temperature: 23 to 95F **WARNING** ► NOT rechargeable batteries, please do not chage it ► Do not place loose battery in a pocket or elsewhere or store with hazardous or combustible materials ► May leak, flame or explode if disassembled, shorted, charged, connected together, mixed with used or other batteries, exposed to fire or high temperature ► Discard used battery promptly ► Keep out of reach of children **Package included** 2pcs * 9V Lithium Battery View Details

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