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TMS Tactical 3x Magnifier Scope with Quick Flip to Side FTS Mount 36mm Center Height for Red Dot Sights and EOTech Sights

  • Instantly converts a CQB red dot sight into a 3x long range sniping scope
  • Adjustable windage and elevation to center red dot without changing Zero
  • 30mm mounting tube. Fully coated lens for the best optical performance
  • Includes 90degree FTS quick flip to side mount of 36mm center height that aligns with most EOTech sights of standard height.
  • Be sure to check the center height of your mounted red dot sight. Should be 36mm or slightly more and less. Check out 42mm model in our store should you need a taller setup, especially when using BUIS the same time

A great add-on to tactical red dot sights. It converts the sights instantly into a sighting system for longer range targeting and sniping. Sometimes the combination use of red dot sight and magnifier scope will have the dot reticle out of center in the field of view of the magnifier due to misalignment of optical axis between the sight and the magnifier. This TMS magnifier scope is adjustable for windage and elevation to better align with the red dot sight without changing the actual ZERO of the sight. 30mm main tube of the magnifier works with standard 30mm scope mount of desired center height that matches that of the red dot sight. Rubber armored turret and grip area. Included with the magnifier is a quick flip to side mount that rotates to stay on and off line of sight quickly with push of a button. The mount also works with other magnifiers of standard 30mm tube size. . Magnification: 3x. Eye relief: 45mm (1 3/4inch) . Weight:7.8oz. Overall length: 4 1/2inch. Flip mount center height: 36mm co witness height Accessories: lens covers. View Details

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