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MOSSLIAN Lens Cleaning Wipes for Easy and Fast Shine on Eyeglasses, Mobile Phones, CD, Watch, Glass, Lenses, iPad, Mirror, Screen (100 Wipes+2 Clean Cloth)

  • ✔ Lens Cleaning Wipes is suitable for eyeglasses, mobile phones, CD, watch, glass, lenses, iPad, iPhone, tablet, mirror, screen. Quality of the microfibre (6x7in) is much smoother and better to keep your delicate devices clean and shiny in matter of seconds.
  • ✔ Safe and effective: Wipe away bacteria, dust and oil with just a swipe. No fibers or lint behind. Leave no residue.
  • ✔ Convenience: Disposable pre-moistened wipes make it quick and easy to safely to clean lenses. One step, no hassle.
  • ✔ Individually-wrapped wipes: It can reduce the maximum your valuable space with simple, ultrathin, compact design.
  • ✔ Usage: Gently brush away dust and dirt with the folded wipe. Unfold the wipe and gently clean the surface with circular movements until the surface is clean and dry.

**MOSSLIAN Lens Cleaning wipes** Easy cleaning no longer have to worry about cleaning the lens. It's necessity to go out and travel. **Independent packaging design & portability ** You can put it into a briefcase, pocket, cosmetic bag and wallet. It is also suitable for home, office, sports, outdoor activities, traveling, shopping, dating. **MOSSLIAN cleaning wipes work best for:** ✔ eyeglasses and sunglasses; ✔ LCD & smartphone screen; ✔ rear-view mirror & glass mirror; ✔ MacBook laptop & touch screens. **Specification** Package includes 100 individually packaged lens cleaning wipes. Warnings: On glossy surfaces, test a small area first. Single use only, please use new wipes as needed. A dirty or dry wipe can scratch. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use on contact lenses. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. View Details

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