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iPhone 6 Screen Replacement - White- LCD Premium Complete Repair Kit with Tools - Easy Manuals Videos and Instructions - ONLY FOR iPHONE 6 NOT 6S by uRepair

  • iPhone 6 ( 4.7inch ) LCD Screen in White uRepair Premium Repair Kit
  • Attention: Item does NOT work with iPhone 6S 3D touch! ONLY FOR 6 ! Be careful when installing and bending the cables. Please watch our videos or PDFs first High Quality Premium Toolkit
  • HowTo Repair Flowchart (Step by Step instructions) Online available Book and Video
  • High Quality Toolkit - Tempered Glass Screen Protector included
  • For Model A1586, A1589 - check on the backside of your iPhone

**_iPhone 6 Important Infomations before installing**_ * Please be advised THIS is for an **iPhone 6 NOT the 6S !** * If you see an S on the back of your iPhone please do NOT try to install it. * If you ordered the wrong Model please contact us directly for help.. * **Please be careful while installing and follow all instructions in the video and/or PDF books.** * Do not bend the cables the wrong way **TroubleShoot help:** **Question** :When the screen is placed on phone the phone no longer comes on or seems black **Answer** : Reset the phone by holding both Power and Home button together pressed for min 15 sec. **Question** : The digitized is work intermittently. **Answer** : iPhone has a problem called Touch Desease (see apple class action lawsuit) Please return it to apple Store Phone can not be fixed by any means only apple swapping it. **Questions** : After a couple of days the screen started to separate and come apart. **Answer** : Please contact us on our help line or per amazon (contact Seller) **Questions** :The screen when mounted onto the iPhone displayed two black lines down the display and once taken off the lines would go away, might be that the cables are partially damaged or the LCD I don't know. **Answer:** Remove the LCD screen and clean the connectors. Lines are normally caused to the LCD cable is not correct clipped in or some dust in the connectors himself. If you need any help with your repair please contact us per Contact Seller on amazon or with the TOLL free 800 number included in your Repair Kit. View Details

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