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Premium High Performance, Professional 76 in 1 Pro-Tech Tool Kit, Electronics Repair Tool Kit for iPhone 7/ Cell Phone/ iPad/ Tablet/ PC/ MacBook and Other Electronics Devices

  • Professional standard precision electronics repair toolkit
  • Pro crowbar set is suited for prying open cases or shells of electronic products
  • Anti-static set series protects against static electricity effectively during operation
  • Metal grabber for gripping tight to small components. Precision tweezers set.
  • 54 piece Precision screwdriver set fit for various electronics components

Tool Kit Contents: 54pc Advanced tool Kit - all the bits needed for device repairs. 2x Plastic Opening Tools. Precision Tweezers Set - steel precision tweezers. Cutting knife. Anti-Static Wrist Strap - essential for handling ESD sensitive parts. Small Suction Cup - for lifting screens Spudger - handy tool for opening and prying. Metal Spudger Set - comprehensive spudger blades. Small Metal Ruler Tool Roll - Keeps everything neatly stowed. This will keep your work station tidy. Great for field service. View Details

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