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iPhone 6 Plus Charge Charging Port Cable Prime Repair Kit with Certified Repair Tools- MOBILEPRIME - 821-2220 (Gray w/ProTools)

  • Replacement Charging Charge Port Flex Cable for iPhone 6 Plus - 821-2220
  • Repair Kit Designed By MobilePrimeTM
  • 30 Minute Installation Time!
  • Guaranteed 60 Day Warranty Provided by MobilePrimeTM
  • We offer our standard Certified Toolkit, or our optional Pro-Series Toolkit. These can be selected above:

-Designed to be a direct drop in replacement charging flex cable, this kit is designed with the consumer in mind. To provide an easy to use kit to replace your damaged charging flex cable at a fraction of the cost charged at a repair facility. -We also offer an optional Pro-Series toolkit used by professionals in the small electronics repair business. Included with Certified Tools: -2 Pry Tools -2 Triangular Picks -1 Philips Screwdriver -1 Flat Screwdriver -1 Penta-lobe Screwdriver -1 Suction Cup -1 MobilePrime™ Branded Cleaning Cloth Included with Optional Pro-Series Tools: -1 2.0x40mm Flat Drive -1 1.5x40mm Phillips Drive -1 0.8x40mm Pentalobe Drive -1 Spudger Pick -2x Plastic Pry-Tools -1 Suction Cup w/Ring -1 MobilePrime™ Branded Cleaning Cloth -We provide technical support by email. Any questions about replacing your charging flex cable? Simply contact us via email and our technician will provide you with an answer within 24 hours! -We at the MobilePrime™ have been in the electronics industry for 25+ Years. We are a family owned and operated business with customer service in mind. We guarantee the best possible transaction possible here on Amazon.com. -Disclaimer: Upon opening your device, modifying or repairing your device may void your manufacturer’s warranty. We at the MobilePrime™ are not held responsible for any misrepresentations or misuses of our products by the individuals purchasing our items. MobilePrime™ is not held responsible for any damages done to the phone on behalf of the customer. Please consult us by email or a professional repair facility for further assistance if it is needed. View Details

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