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Wilson 14 dB 800 MHz Yagi Cellular Antenna 301111 and Wilson400 20 Feet Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable 952320

  • Single-band (800 MHz), High gain, Directional
  • Easy to install
  • Pipe mounting hardware included

This higher gain antenna improves transmit and receive signals for 806-894 MHz band used by Verizon, Alltel, US Cellular, Cellular One, Cingular, Nextel, SouthernLINC, Bell Canada, Telus, Mike and all other Cellular and iDEN carriers. Wilson's 14 dB 800 MHz Yagi (301111) Antenna will collect the cell tower signal and send it through the cable (952320) to an amplifier (sold separately) or directly to the cell phone or cellular data card. When the cell phone or cellular data card transmits, the signal is transferred to an amplifier or directly to the antenna and broadcast back to the cell tower. An 18-inch external adapter is required to connect the cell phone or cellular data card to the Yagi antenna. The external adapter is cell phone/data card specific and is sold separately. Wilson 952320 20' Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable. This 20 ft cable is -400 type with N Male connectors. The loss over the whole cable run is -1dB. -400 is a very low-loss 50 ohm cable compatible with all the amplifiers (except the SignalBoost DT)(amplifier sold separately). When used correctly, the -400 cable can be used for cable runs in excessive of 100ft. The cable is light, flexible and weatherproof. This cable has N-male terminated ends, designed for our residential amplifiers. View Details

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