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Garnetics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (12 PACK) - to clean Glasses, Lens, Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, TV, LED, LCD screens - Premium Lintfree fiber - Computer Screen and Eyeglass cleaner

  • ULTRA SOFT AND GENTLE: This is so that you won't worry about scratches on your expensive optic, retina display, ipad, iphone and any other digital electronics surface.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH CELLPHONE, EYEWEAR, TELEVISION AND OTHER DEVICE MONITORS: Our non abrasive cleaning cloths are safe for cleaning all types of delicate surfaces like eye glass, smartphone, touchscreen, big flat TV screen, apple macbook pro, imac, etc.
  • LONG-LASTING: High quality thick microcloth make you great value. Double sided polishing clothes are washable and reusable. Great multipurpose solution for cleaning electronic.
  • INDIVIDUALLY - WRAPPED: Each microfiber is individually and neatly packed for long term safekeeping. Perfect cleaners for travel, just put wipes in pouch and be sure you speactacles or smart phones always will be clean.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE 7 X 7 INCHES: Microfiber cleaning pads are conveniently sized to fit in your pocket, camera bag, sunglass case.

**Would you not agree that a microfiber cleaning cloth with edges that are sharp and rough will make one worry about scratches on the expensive designer spectacles, cameras, iPhone 6s, or any other delicate surfaces?** Only Garnetics Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths that are made from millions of tiny finest microfiber material using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology will safely remove fingerprints smudges dust grime and dirt without leaving no marks or streaks on any of your surfaces. **The Garnetics Lint Free Microfibers are 100% Safe and effective for cleaning all types of surfaces including:** * goggle spectacle, sun glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses; * coated and non-coated lenses, binocular, optical telescope; * canon and nikon camera lenses, projector lens; * laptops, tablets, touch mobile screen, kindle fire; * i Pad, i Phone, mac air, imac, macbook pro; * laptops, tablets, touch mobile screen, kindle fire; * jewelry, ring, watch; * cd, dvd disc, vinyl record; * keyboard, piano, guitar and other musical instruments. **Features:** **Includes: New 7 x 7 Inch - 12 pack - Garnetics Micro fiber Cleaning Cloths ( black and grey ):** * Each item is individually packaged to keep the fabric clean and dry. It will be every time ready for use. * Best size to fit in your glasses case pocket or camera bag. * Can be hand washed in warm water without any type of detergent. **We guarantee Garnetics Microfiber cleaning cloths won't scratch your devices. We will refund your order 100% if that happens!** View Details

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