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Screen Cleaner – vius Premium Screen Cleaner Spray for LCD LED TVs, Laptops, Tablets, Monitors, Phones, and Other Electronic Screens - Gently Cleans Bacteria, Fingerprints, Dust, Oil (8oz 4-Pack)

  • LOOK NO FURTHER! This amazing screen cleaner spray combines all of the features and benefits you seek to effortlessly and safely clean your iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and so much more!
  • EFFICIENT IN MANY WAYS: This amazing screen cleaner comes in a convenient 8oz spray bottle for easy application that is ideal for over 1000 screen cleans!
  • TOTALLY A MUST-HAVE: Effectively cleans and protects ALL electronic screens and displays
  • ESSENTIAL SCREEN CLEANING SOLUTION: Specially formulated solution designed for modern electronics and will not scratch delicate surfaces
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: NEW unique screen cleaner formula engineered to be 100% Biodegradable, Anti-Static, Non-Toxic, Alcohol-Free, Sulfate-Free, Ammonia-Free, and Phosphate-Free

Due to the air-borne dust and dirt accumulated on the screen's surface of your electronic gadgets, you may not have noticed that your beautiful bright screen may have lost some of it's original luster. The thin layer of dirt reduces your screen's clarity, brightness and color accuracy. Regular cleaning is not enough; an effective screen cleaner is the best solution. However, there are many household cleaners containing active ingredients that can damage your screens' sensitive surface. Many screens have special coatings that can be broken down if you use the wrong screen cleaners and cloths. The new vius® Universal Screen Cleaner was engineered to effectively clean and protect the most sensitive electronic surfaces. Great for all kinds of LCD / LED displays including laptops, tablets, TVs, projection TVs, smartphones, and keyboards without leaving a streak or unwanted residue. Unlike other harsh household cleaners this product is 100% biodegradable, family-friendly, and does not contain ammonia, alcohols, sulfates, or phosphates. Features and Benefits: * Comes in a convenient 8oz spray bottle for easy application * Quickly removes fingerprint, dust, and oil build-up without leaving a streak * Alcohol-free solution and leaves a streak-free finish * Easily removes the fingerprints and grime from your screen * Does not leave a nauseating fragrance or chemical odor * Suitable for all kinds of electronic devices such as laptops, notebooks, desktop computers, Plasma TVs, IOS devices (iPad®/iPhone®/iPod®), Android, Galaxy Tabs, mobile phones, touch screen in-dash units, and a lot more View Details

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