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GW Magic Screen Cleaner Kit - Best For All HDTVs, 4K Ultra HD, Smart LED TV, Touch Screens, Kindle, Tablets, Laptops, Eyeglasses, Smartphones, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Sony, RCA, Panasonic, Vizio with Portable Spray Bottle and Premium Microfiber Cloths

  • Restore your screen to like new with GW Magic Screen Cleaner!
  • GW Magic Screen Cleaner Kit Includes - 1 Large Premium Washable Microfiber All-Purpose Polishing Cloth (12 x 12 in), 1 Medium Suede Microfiber Cloth (6 x 6 in), 1 Magic Screen Cleaner Spray (2 oz).
  • The ammonia free formula of GW Magic Screen Cleaner allows you to safely clean and quickly remove dust, dirt and sticky little finger smudges on screen.
  • SAFE Natural Product - No odor, alcohol-free, ammonia-free, chemical-free. Effectively cleans all electronic device screens including hdtv screens, kindle, smartphone, iphone, ipad, laptop, lcd screens, etc
  • Portable & Powerful - You get over 300 sprays from one compact size bottle!

Use GW Magic Screen Cleaner to get rid of germs, dust, and smudges that may occur on your HD screen. Today's sensitive television screens are far more likely to be damaged by the rough texture of a paper towel or the fibers of a rag. The standard window cleaner (such as Windex), contains ammonia as its base, which has been shown to strip the antireflective coating off of the television. Even cleaning products sold in the electronic stores may cause screen quality issues. GW Magic Screen Cleaner formula is ammonia free and safe for use on all screens. **Strong enough to remove those annoying little sticky finger prints from your screen.** It comes with a specially designed microfiber suede cloth and bonus large size microfiber cloth. You can also use it on your laptop or mobile device (Amazon Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, eReaders, Galaxy Tablets, etc). **Keep your screen looking great with GW Magic Screen Cleaner!** In the Box: (1) Magic Screen Cleaner Spray (2 oz) (1) Large Premium Washable Microfiber All-Purpose Polishing Cloth (12 x 12 in) (1) Medium Suede Microfiber Cloth (6 x 6 in) View Details

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