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Koala Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth | Optical, Computer, Screen, Camera Lens, Electronic Cleaner | USA Made | 6 Pack, 6x7 Inch

  • GREAT VALUE: Pack includes Six 6 x 7" American USA made premium high quality micro fiber Koala Kloths | Great for sunglasses, eyeglasses, reading & computer glasses, and sports goggles & eyewear
  • HIGH TECH: Koala Kloth's advanced specially treated ultra soft microfiber yarn is so dense that it captures & holds on to the tiniest microscopic particles | No cleaner necessary
  • SUPER DENSE: One Gram of Koala Kloth has 25,700cm of filament surface area vs. 8,500cm on comparable cloths | Fabric is treated for additional capillary function to absorb water and oils
  • MANY USES: Perfect for eyeglasses, Canon & Nikon camera lens, and electronics including TV, Apple iPhone, iPad, laptop, tablet, smart phone, digital monitor, & car touch screens | Dust, lint, & streak free | Great for instrument cleaning
  • CRAZY QUALITY: Koala Kloths are made in the USA, super high quality, and backed by our Koala Lifestime Promise | Return them for any reason if they're not the best cleaning cloth you've ever used

Our American Made Koala Kloth uses a technologically advanced ultra fine Japanese microfiber yarn that's extremely strong and generates no particles to stick to your glasses. The ultra dense material has incredible absorption and its honeycomb matrix design catches and holds on to surface contaniments from your lenses and screens so they get removed and stay that way. The absorption of this cloth is so great that there's no need for spray cleaner, or soap. The Koala Kloth is like nothing you've used before. Great for use on eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, laptop screens, iMacs, Macbooks, iPhones, Smart Phones, and touch screens of all kinds, especially tablet and automobile screens like your Tesla may have. Bundle includes six extra large 6" x 7" Koala Kloths. Here's the science behind Koala Kloth: The special yarn used for this wiping cloth is 0.1 denier, an ultrafine microfiber. This filament is very fine, strong and generates no particles. The wedgeshaped polyster at the cross section together with the core nylon fit the surface of any objects and gather dust efficiently. Excellent cleaning performance with just a light wipe. The special high density treated knit fabric means extremely good absorption by the total filament surface area. Excellent durability after washing. Soft touch that won't harm delicate surfaces. Excellent water and oil absorption. After knitting with a special gauge knitting machine Koala Kloth is shrunk with a proprietary technology that makes fabric construction highly dense by reducing the surface to 40 percent of its original size. One gram of Koala Kloth has a filament surface area of 25,700cm while other products typically have 8,500 or less. The larger the area, the more efficiently the wiping cloth captures particles. Most synthetic fibers do not absorb water, but Koala Kloth's highly dense construction has a capillary effect which does. View Details

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