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Hover-Way 2.4 GHZ Alpha Drone with 480P Video Camera & 8 GB SD Card- Auto Hover, Throw and Fly Aerial Stunts and Removable Battery - Green

  • 2.4 GHZ Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Drone with Auto Hover, High / Low Velocity and Removable Battery (comes with 3 batteries for a total flight time of over 20 mins)!
  • THROW & FLY, 360-degree Aerial Stunts (Flips & Barrel Rolls), and a cool Translucent Shell Allowing it Be Seen Even As the Sun Sets!
  • 480P Camera - manually adjust the angel of the camera before flight to get the best shot! Take 8 GB worth of photos and videos. Includes easy to use one button activation of video and picture taking on the remote!
  • One of the Easiest Drones to Fly! One-Button Take Off & Landing, Auto-Hover, Intelligent Orientation, AND Velocity Control All Provide You with the Most Stable & Fun Flight with Your Drone!
  • Includes 2 extra blades, 3 rechargeable lithium batteries (approximately 7 minutes of fly time EACH), USB charging cable, 8GB micro SD memory card and remote control that needs 4 AA Batteries NOT INCLUDED), 30 DAY WARRANTY BY DTP GADGETS!

Whether you throw it or fly it, you'll never tire of the Hover-War Alpha Drone. Capable of taking flight by a flick of the wrist, R/C heights have never been so easily achieved. A 480 P camera captures all the places your quad-copter hovers, flips and rolls. Easy activation beams pictures and video back to the operator. Slick and highly visible in white and black, a burly 20 minute run time and quick recharge rate means the Alpha Drone flies in the sky as long as your imagination. View Details

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