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PassionTR Retina LCD Touchscreen Digitizer Frame Assembly Full Set Replacement Screen for iPhone 6 PLUS(5.5 inch)with Instruction card and tools in White

  • Compatible with: iPhone 6 Plus 5.5" NOT iPhone 6 4.7"
  • Touch screen digitizer+Retina LCD+Frame.Ear Mesh Pre-installed
  • FREE tool kit and instruction card is included
  • Ships safely from USA
  • The LCD is without home button,ear piece and front camera,just same as the pictures
  • For best results, please have the unit professionaly installed. If you would like to install the unit yourself, please follow the directions pricisely.

Have you dropped your iPhone 6 PLUS(5.5 inch) and damaged the touch screen, interfering with images? Or has it otherwise become scratched or scuffed? If your iPhone 6 had damage done to the screen, or if you are having display issues that cause a black or Black screen or inky spots that interfere with pictures and other images, you do not have to replace the entire iPhone 6. For a fraction of the cost, this LCD display and touch screen digitizer assembly replacement can repair a damaged touch screen and the LCD display at the same time. This complete front assembly in white will allow you to see images clearly again, without inky spots or scratches to the touch screen. If your touch screen is not responding properly, this assembly can also replace a broken touch screen, and for a fraction of the cost of a brand new iPhone 6 PLUS. And we also provide you a Instruction card and tolls included. You could replace the screen all by yourself. There are small cables and screws to be connected. Every cable and screw is different from others. They must be connected in correct position. Any small mistake during connection will cause problems. View Details

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