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RJ45 Dust Cover and Blockout Device 100-Pack - Protects Network Jack, Cap Ethernet Port, Switch Interface, Keystone Wall Plate

  • 2-in-1 Solution - Dust Protection and Jack Blockout Device
  • DUST PROTECTION - Hermetically sealed, will not fall out, insulates individual port contacts at >500mΩ.
  • JACK BLOCKOUT - Control where users connect - easy to remove with needle nose pliers, but difficult without.
  • Achieve the same level of protection as keyed plugs, without the hassle of proprietary keys. Great for offices and public places.
  • Easy to distinguish from standard RJ45 connectors - shorter, sealed without metal contacts, will not crimp to wire. 100% Guaranteed.

**Solves these problems:** 1\. Control where users connect without the hassle of keyed plugs - Easy to remove with needle nose pliers, but nearly impossible without. Note: All plugs, including keyed plugs, only serve to keep honest people honest, not to prevent intrusion. 2\. Dust caps that fall out - Uses a true keystone snap-in clip to stay secure. Port contacts individually insulated at >500mΩ. 3\. Identify dead ports - Use to identify switch/router/server ports that do not work. Prevents troubleshooting the same problem twice. As a 20-year veteran in telecommunications, I have used many types of port blocks and labeling techniques. My goal with this product is to provide a simple solution that works. View Details

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