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ColorWay Screen Cleaner - best Cleaning Kit with Spray Bottle, Microfiber Cloth for Apple Laptop, IPhone, IPad, Imac, Galaxy phone, Tablets, Monitor, Cell Phones, LCD, LED, Plasma, HD, Smart TV, Clean PC or Mac, 3D, GPS and other Screens and Displays

  • Many Screens have Special Coating that can be broken down if you use the wrong Cleaning Cleaners and Clothes. This Cleaning Set for Screens is GREAT FOR ALL KINDS OF DISPLAYS including Portable Devices, Computers, Laptops and TV's. Screen Cleaner Cloth perfect for polishing ALL TYPES SURFACES SCREENS & MONITORS.
  • This Screen Cleaning Kit - helps restore and maintain brightness and clarity. Cleaner Set contains everything you need to clean computer screen, MacBook, laptop, iPad or iPhone screens, LCD, LED, TFT, HD TV's, Plasma screens, Touchscreens, Smartphones, TV Screens, E-readers, Tablets Screen, Keyboards & Mouse and other electronics devices.
  • THE SET INCLUDES: Cleaning Liquid and Microfiber Cleaner Cloth. Use this safe and effective Cleaning Fluid with its Special Microfiber Cloth to remove Dust, Dirt and Fingerprints from your flat TV Screens and Computer Screens. ANTISTATIC and ANTIBACTERIAL FORMULA of Cleaning Solution will help to Repel Dust.
  • Simply spray on the microfiber cloth (included in the kit) and gently wipe the existing dust and stain areas of the screen.
  • GUARANTEE: We guarantee this cleaner kit with microfiber cloth and spray liquid actually removes greasy fingerprint (unlike many other similar cloths that just smear them on). We also guarantee they won't scratch delicate surfaces. We will refund your order 100% if that happens! 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

**Let Your Screen Always Like New Condition with Colorway Cleaning Set for Screens!** The dust and dirt that have accumulated on the displays or screens surface. This thin layer of dirt reduces your screen clarity, brightness and color accuracy. _The solution is simple! Give it a good cleaning!_ But nowadays sensitive Laptop, PC and TV screens are far more likely to be damaged by the rough texture of a paper towel or the fibers of a rag. The standard window cleaner contains ammonia as its base which can damage. Even cleaning products sold in the electronic stores may cause screen quality issues. _Colorway Screen Cleaner safe for use on all screens._ Our Cleaner Kit is perfect tool kit to protect your screens and digital devices form dirt. This screen cleaning kit is universally applicable across the entire digital devices and has been designed to clean sensitive coatings of LCD, LED, HDTV and Plasma Screen TVs as well as different Android smartphones, Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Tablets, Computer and Laptop screens. Its ANTISTATIC FORMULA will help to Repel Dust. The screen cleaner cloth is used to remove Dirt and Fingerprints from your flat TV and Computer Screens or touch screen electronics as well as a host of other household products. It's a good screen cleaner for GPS screens, portable DVD players, scanner and automobile displays. The special Microfiber Cleaning Cloth can be safely used as cleaning smudges even without the spray. **ColorWay Screen Cleaner Tool Includes:** Cleaning Fluid and Screen Cleaning Microfiber cloth. Non-Toxic, Anti-streak and Anti-static. **Direction of use:** Simply spray on the microfiber cloth (included in the kit) and gently wipe the existing dust and stain areas of the screen. You have just found the perfect solution for those dirty screens. **Click the "add to cart" button now and buy this screen cleaner.** View Details

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