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Ultra Micro-fiber Screen Cleaning Cloths - Lens, Ipad, Iphone, Lcd, Tv, Sunglasses, Instruments, Screen Washable Cleaning Cloth Size 6 X 7 Inch(15cm X 18cm) By Fabricsonata(artistic Print Dragon)

  • Ultra Fine Tissue in hair Thickness of 1/100 Less. (4 Design Print - Traditional Woman, Mountain and River, Dragon and Lotus), Size 6 x 7 inch(15cm x 18cm)
  • Zero Scratches, Antibacterial, Lint Free Cloth, Can be Used Semiconductor Process Fiber
  • No Chemicals such as Silicon / Made in Korea(All of Materials)
  • Color: White (it is hard to discern which part of the wipe is dirty on a dark or colorful fiber, so with white fiber you can avoid the risk of polishing with contaminated parts.)
  • 100% High Quality Guarantee. Washable

-The best quality for cleaning screen, eye glasses, ipad, camera, lens, and all of electronic machine. -Uses Kolon yarn which is the best in Korea and highly contracts and increases the surface area by more than 30% and improves wiping ability, absorption, feeling, printing, clarity, etc. Vastly, and there is no scratch, so it can be used for the semiconductor manufacturing process, medical and high and optical products and the price is higher than general cloths. - The color shown on the screen is the specification of the monitor, but it may vary slightly depending on the setting. - Make sure to do the washing alone. Please avoid using fabric softener. - This product is going to be print their trademark(tiny lettering) at one corner.(Design right) View Details

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