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Rocket Wipes Screen Cleaning Wipes

  • NO MORE BUGS: Did you know your phone is one of the most germ infested objects that your hands and face touch on a daily basis? Fight bacteria and viruses, culprits of the common cold this winter while keeping your phone sparkling and fingerprint free. Save you and your wallet every time you use Rocketzz pack of 25 wipes!
  • STREAK FREE: Our nifty wipes don't let you down they work. Specifically designed to clean even the most sensitive of screen surfaces. They contain no ethly alcohol so they are non-streaking and non-corrosive. Clean your phone as often as needed without the worry of water damage or spotty residue.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL: Our Rocket Wipes are one of a kind for fighting grime. Pocket sized pouches, saturated with our propietry solution is the best and most efficient way for cleaning all your electronic devices.
  • TONS OF USES: The cleaning power of our Rocket Wipes are not just limited to your cell phone they have a range of convenient uses. They also work safely and efficiently on tablets, digital cameras, laptops, and eyeglasses! The formula is super fast-drying for a quick, on-the-go sanitizing solution.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: This pack includes 2 x 25 sachet wipes. Approximately 6 months supply*

Do you have a Rocket in your pocket? You should have. Do you value your phone, pad or tablet? Keeping the screen in tip-top condition lengthens its life & keeps you safe. Your hand & fingers pick up germs, bugs & grime while you're on the go. You transmit them straight to your touch screen. Yuk! Look what Rocket wipes can do for you. Used once a week as directed your device will stay in tiptop shape & one box of Rocket Wipes will last 6 months!! Rocket Wipes are designed for your busy life. The size of a credit card slots easily into your purse, wallet, Pack or case. Rocket Wipes are the best solution for keeping your screen safe & clear. Here's why' the dual wet & dry sachets enables the most effective method to get into all those little nooks & crannies to get at those little annoying bugs & grit. A wet solution is a must. However the Dry picks up the grime residue & polishes off the screen to a beautiful shine. Rocket wipes also have the following benefits; . Non- Alcohol based solution. Unlike other screen cleaners there is no damages or dulling of your screen & no nasty alcohol smell. You need wet . Ecologically friendly - The materials & solution used in Rocket wipes are bio-degradable. . Antistatic - The materials used are specially constructed so that there is not static electrical release when you are using the wipes on your device. . Non smearing - The screen once the Dry wipe is used is left as beautifully clear in a as new condition. . Non toxic - The formula used in each wet cloth the active ingredient is very low & if used correctly will not be harmful. . Antiseptic-formula - The solution in the "wet" cloth has anti-bacterial qualities. This kills off most germs & bugs if used on a regular basis. . Removes all dirt, dust & fingerprints . Suitable for Smart phones, Pads, & LCD/LED Screens. . For fast and effective wiping away of grime, fingerprints and bacteria. View Details

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