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Sensor Module Kit For Arduino UNO R3 MEGA NANO Raspberry Pi,Haiworld 37 in 1 Robot Projects Starter Kits With Tutorials Package,Kit-02

  • This Professional 37-in-1 Sensor Module Kit is complete update and common models,compatible for arduino UNO R3, MEGA 2560, NANO and Raspberry pi all versions.
  • Standard interface can be controlled directly by microcontroller (AVR,ARM,8051,PIC,MSP430,DSP,TTL logic).
  • Every component has undergone QC test OK, Professional electronic Engineers prepare tutorials for free.
  • Detailed tutorials including project introduction and source code in a CD.In addition, all contents of the CD can be downloaded ,you can buy it without any worries.
  • Additional resistors package, It's a simple gifts, but can be readily available to help your project(10 Kinds Total 100PCS Resistors).

**Specifications:** *Haiworld 37 sensor modules kit is the most complete modules kit for arduino beginner. It is easy used and interesting.As you see in the picture, all the components and CD are packaged in a beautiful plastic box for easy storage. *Additional resistors package, It's a simple gifts,Contains 10 species total 100 PCS (10 Each/10, 100, 200, 330, 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 100K, 1M ohm) **Component listing:** 1 x Joystick 1 x Relay 1 x Avoidance 1 x Rotary encoders 1 x Temp and humidity 1 x Linear hall 1 x reed switch 1 x Digital temperature 1 x Big sound 1 x Small sound 1 x Mental touch 1 x Flame 1 x IR emission 1 x IR receiver 1 x Active buzzer 1 x Passive buzzer 1 x Analog hall 1 x 18B20 temp 1 x Analog temp 1 x Tracking 1 x Tap module 1 x Shock 1 x Laser emit 1 x Button 1 x Ball switch 1 x Tilt-switch 1 x Photo-resistor 1 x Heartbeat 1 x RGB LED 1 x SMD RGB 1 x Light cup 1 x Hall magnatic 1 x Two-color 1 x Mini two-color LED 1 x 7 color flash 1 x Mini Reed 1 x Light blocking End View Details

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