WINGONEER 300PCS 1/2W Watt 1% Carbon Film Resistors Assorted Kit Set 30 Values (1 ohm~ 3M ohm)

  • 1/2W Watt Carbon film resistors 1 ohm~ 3M ohm;
  • 300 pieces of the 1/2W Carbon film resistors in one set will be sold together.
  • Each ohm value is packaged neatly.
  • The value of resistance is marked on every row.
  • Have resistors on hand for your repair work, electronic DIY project, etc.

**WINGONEER® trademark Reg.NO:4747611** **Description** The item is a set of 300pcs professional and practical 1/2W Carbon film resistors with the accuracy of 1%, they consist of 30 values from 1ohm to 3Mohm, and each value has 10pcs identical resistors. With high performance and easy to use, it is really a wonderful Carbon film resistors for choice. **Features** \- Quantity: Totally 300Pieces (30 Values, Each value 10pcs). \- 100% brand new and high quality 30 Values 1/2W 1% Carbon film Resistors Assorted Kit Set. \- 1/2W Carbon film Resistor accuracy of 1%. \- Resistors: 1ohm, 10ohm, 18ohm, 24ohm, 47ohm, 100ohm, 120ohm, 150ohm, 200ohm, 330ohm, 390ohm, 470ohm, 560ohm, 820ohm, 1kohm, 1.2kohm, 2.7kohm, 4.7kohm, 5.6kohm, 6.8kohm,10kohm, 18kohm, 47kohm, 100kohm, 120kohm, 7180kohm, 330kohm, 510kohm, 710kohm, 1Mohm **Package Including** 1 x 30 Values 1/2W 1% Carbon film Resistors Assorted Kit Set pack of 300pcs (1ohm-3Mohm) View Details

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