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Dual USB Portable Charger - 8,000mAh External Battery Pack - Ultra Slim and Light with Built-in AC Plug and Micro USB Cable - Charges iPhone, Android and More - Pocket Juice by Tzumi

  • LIGHTWEIGHT FAST CHARGING: Enjoy powerful performance wherever you need it with a cellphone charger that is super slim, slides easily into your pocket or purse and weighs only 7.3 ounces!
  • SUPERIOR FEATURES: A folding AC wall plug plugs directly into an outlet or is tucked when out of use. The power bank charges in up to 5-8 hours. It measures only 5.34" x 2.64" x 0.80" inches.
  • BUILT TOUGH: The durable, UV resistant protective casing on this travel charger is impact resistant to handle fast paced lifestyles, and those on the go. It offers up to 3 phone or 2 tablet charges
  • MAX CONVENIENCE: 4 handy LED status lights let you know how much juice you have left, and when it is time to recharge the battery. 2 high speed USB ports charges with a combined 3.4A output.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Charge almost any smartphone, iPad, iPhone or tablet. Use the included micro USB cable for Samsung Galaxy and Android phones, or plug any cables into the USB slots.

With **Tzumi's 8,000mAh Pocket Juice Endurance AC Portable Charger** you can take your smart devices and other electronics on the go with you and keep them charged all day long. Despite being super slim and extremely lightweight, this external battery power bank has enough juice to charge multiple devices multiple times over! **About This Product:** \- Pre-Charged & Rechargeable Portable Battery \- Dual USB Charging Slots \- 5v/1A Input \- 2.4A Output \- LED Status Lights \- UV Resistant Protective Shell \- Up to 5 Full Smart Phone Charges or 2 Tablet Charges \- External Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack \- Folding AC Wall Plug \- Weight: 7.3 Ounces \- Dimensions: 5.34 x 2.64 x 0.80 Inches **Tzumi's Portable Charger** is one of the fastest phone and tablet chargers on the market and can charge compatible devices quickly and efficiently to keep your smart devices fully charged and performing optimally so you can perform to the best of your capabilities no matter what challenges your day throws at you. They come **pre-charged** and are built with a powerful **rechargeable lithium-polymer battery** that is more efficient than previous generation Li-Ion battery technology in terms of weight-to-performance ratio and will keep your smart devices powered up and ready to go. We have engineered our portable chargers with a **protective casing** that keeps the internal components safe and performing at their best for a fast, durable, and streamlined charging experience that you always rely on. Additionally, you can quickly and efficiently read your battery level through the **4 LED indicators** for added peace of mind. At **Tzumi,** we are committed to providing you with the very best in consumer electronics products. We're convinced you will be happy with your purchase, but if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us directly so that we can be of assistance. View Details

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