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Eyeglass Cleaner Microfiber Cloth - Glasses Cleaner For All Gentle Surfaces, Touchscreens, Smartphones, Camera Lenses, LCD & HD Screens -Purple, 4 Pack- By OptiPlix

  • TOP QUALITY MICROFIBER CLOTHS ARE MULTI-USE: Our microfiber fabric is made of a thick pile material which is highly gentle and will not scratch, mark, or streak surfaces or devices. Applicable for use on all kinds of items, from smart phones and camera lenses, to jewelry and silverware.
  • EASY TO USE FOR EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Our handy, pocket-sized cloths wipe off smudges, dirt, and grease with a single swipe, saving delicate surfaces from unsightly scratches and streaks, and keeping items lint free.
  • MATCHES WITH ALL OF YOUR SMARTPHONE AND TABLET CASES: Comes in an array of exciting colors, so our cloths are sure to coordinate with all of your electronics accessories and equipment, and compliment your personal style.
  • DURABLE FABRIC IS MADE FOR LONG-TERM USE: Our amazing microfiber blend is made to be used consistently throughout the day without wearing down. Our customers absolutely love the results of our microfiber cleaning cloths!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our products never disappoint. With all OptiPlix products we always guarantee our customers' 100% satisfaction. We love to make items that make your daily life easier, and we pride ourselves on solving everyday problems with our products.

**KEEP ALL OF YOUR IMPORTANT DEVICES STREAK- AND SCRATCH-FREE WITH OUR DURABLE MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS!** Our high quality cleaning cloths are made of a strong yet incredibly soft blend of polyester and polyamide fabrics to ensure that all of your delicate surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and without damage! These handy cloths come in various colors, so that you can pick the ones that coordinate with your decor best. Our microfiber cleaning cloths can be used everyday for all the delicate surfaces that you encounter, from all the television and computer screens that are covered with dust and fingerprints, to expensive jewelry and high grade eyeglass lenses. Used with or without cleansing liquids, you may wipe off your spectacles before heading out onto the road, polish your good silverware to a spectacular sheen, and clean your cell phone after each phone call - **all without having to worry about hideous scratches, marks, and dents!** Each pack of our amazing microfiber cleaning cloths come with either four, eight, or twelve pieces. **Never again reach for your sleeve or a tissue to wipe off those delicate surfaces!** Keep your belongings beautiful and in top quality with our reliable microfiber cleaning cloths. Order your microfiber cleaning cloths today, and start keeping all of your devices beautiful, clean, and looking brand new! **About Our Product:** ? **• Size:** 6 x 7 inches (15cm x 18cm) • Available in packs of 4, 8 and 12 pieces for all of your cleaning needs ?• Comes in various beautiful colors, sure to compliment your unique personal style **Keep our microfiber cleaning cloths with you everywhere you go, so that you're always prepared! Order your microfiber cleaning cloths now! View Details

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