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Datacolor Spyder5 Elite USB Colorimeter Monitor Color Calibrator - Bundle with SpyderCube 3D Cube for RAW Color Calibration

  • Datacolor Spyder5 Elite USB Colorimeter - Welcome Card with Software Download Link and Warranty Registration - Software Serial Number - Eco-Friendly Reusable Storage Box - Datacolor 1 Year Limited Warranty - Bundle Item: - SpyderCube 3D Cube for RAW Color Calibration
  • Compatibility: Professional photographers, studios and calibration perfectionists seeking ultimate control of their color workflow
  • Calibration Settings: Unlimited choices, user-defined and Rec.709 for videography
  • Software: Wizard, Interactive Help, Expert Console, Suite of Expert Features
  • Multiple Monitor Support: Laptops, Desktop Monitors, Front Projectors, Studio Match Assistant

Spyder5ELITE monitor calibration will achieve the highest level of control to ensure the most accurate and true monitor color. Expert Color Accuracy Expert color calibration for laptops, desktops and projectors with room light monitoring and unlimited settings for gamma, white point and advanced gray balancing, for ultimate control of your color workflow. True colors - on screen and in print Break free from the frustration of your prints not matching your screen. Spyder5ELITE determines optimal monitor brightness so you can see the fine shadow details and highlights in your photos, ensuring your edited images match your prints. Room Light Monitoring Spyder5ELITE has an integrated room light sensor that continually measures your unique lighting conditions and alerts you if there's been a change among five ambient light levels. You can then choose to either modify your calibration settings or adjust your room lighting, to assure optimal color accuracy, both on screen and in print. Easy to Use Spyder5ELITE's calibration process is fast and easy. A step-by-step wizard with additional advanced options, guides you through the calibration process, then through evaluating your image. Evaluate your monitor's color accuracy monthly using CheckCAL and then if needed, run ReCAL to recalibrate in minutes. In terms of calibration tools, it doesn't get any easier. Tomorrow's Technology N View Details

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