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9W Big Size Bulb, E27/E26 810Lumens LED Dusk to Dawn Sensor Light Bulbs 3000K Built-in Photosensor Detection Auto Switch Light Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Lamp for Porch Hallway Patio Garage

  • This bulb is ideal for lighting rooms and hallways where it is important to automatically have some light when it becomes dark without the need to physically switch on. This could be for security purposes where you would like a light to come on when you are not at home or for safety reasons where an area could become a hazard without any lighting.
  • This product is much more energy efficient than traditional lamps,It automatically switches ON at dusk and OFF at dawn and in contrast to other products this features 360 degree sensors to detect daylight from all angles.
  • In comparison to using timer switches this bulb will come on based on the low light level so there is no need for adjustments when the clocks go back or forwards. The bulbs uses the E27/E26 fitting so will fit into a standard socket without the addition of any other products.
  • Automation in the home can make every day task easier. When coming home at night to an dark house it can be more pleasant if a light has automatically been turned on.
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty. If you have any issues with this product, please feel free to contact us

**Additional Information:** Dusk to dawn lights utilise a photocell sensor some times called a CDS cell or photoresistor. Generally resistance increases as the light levels drop. This feature is particularly useful for security and safety purposes where it is important to maintain specific light levels and can be activated automatically when these light levels are reached. **Feature:** Direct alternative to the ordinary energy-saving lamps. Green, environment friendly, no UV and IR radiation, no containing lead, mercury and other pollution elements. Long service life, ensuring the normal use of more than 50,000 hours, three to four times as long as normal halogen lamps. Stable performance and low consumption. Designed to fit standard E27 fittings. Suitable for office, exhibition or home use. **Specification:** Base type: E27 or E26 Input voltage: 85-265V LED: Epistar Bulb color: White Light color: Warm White; Long life: Over 50000 hrs Lighting angle: 160° CRI: > = 70 Protection rating: IP50 Lamp case material: aluminum or plastic(great for heat radiating and fireproof) Working temperature: -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius **The common problems and solutions** **1\. Bulb can not light on:** bulb only work when it can't detect enough light, this bulb will auto turn on at night or on a dark place. Please make sure the socket is E27 or E26 type and it's power on then test it again. **2\. Bulb can not turn off:** this bulb won't turn off in the daylight if you install it in an opacity lampshade, the sensor can not detect enough light in the daylight (less than 5 lux), so this bulb work abnormally. Please make sure the photosensor is without any obstacles in front of it and the sensor can point to a open space then test it again. **Package included:** 1 x E27 LED globe lamps 1 x English manual View Details

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