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Bassforms BF212SQUARE Dual 12" Custom Fiberglass Enclosures for Square Subwoofers 2002-2015

  • Dual 12" Custom Fiberglass Enclosure for Square Subwoofers
  • Constructed with 4 layers of 2oz. Matting: 100% Fiberglass
  • Custom looks & form minimizes trunk junk: Lightest, most durable boxes on the market
  • Designed for louder, deeper bass
  • Airspace: 3.28 / Speaker Depth: 10.23

The shape of 'Bassforms' was inspired by nature, but derived from pure science.  The form we call 'bassforms' were designed for absolute bass, treble and midrange purity.  Acoustic science only takes a speaker design so far. After that, there is experimentation. In developing 'Bassforms', experimenting with the drive unit's enclosure led eventually to a sonically superior, science success. After many iterations, the designers realized a nature- inspired "Bassforms' would save space without compromising on performance. Organic form follows function. In designing Bassforms, we decided to do whatever was necessary, however unconventional, to make the best form loudspeaker anyone had ever heard. Every component, from drive unit to cabinet enclosure, was re-invented. Every preconceived notion of what a speaker should be was challenged. The rulebook was torn up and re-written in the process of conceiving Bassforms. 'BassForms' demands craftsmanship from skilled people. For instance, the shell's finish comes from 12 carefully applied lacquer coats containing our secret sauce, and a proprietary unique baking and curing system. Crucial drive unit components are made using a mix of hand-assembly techniques and semi-automatic production. For example, 'bassform' are wet- wound with high-temperature resin, then baked in a special oven to ensure enhanced performance and durability. This perfectionism makes for a slow production process, but ensures we consistently reach world-class levels of quality. Bassforms' beautifully curved, seamless exterior is moulded from 10mm-thick, glass-reinforced ABS, like a Formula One racing car. Stiff, solid and durable, with no sharp edges to diffract sound, it’s ideal for a speaker enclosure. View Details

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