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Viking Electronics VK-FXI-1 FXO, FXS Paging Adapter

  • Viking Electronics VK-FXI-1 FXO, FXS Paging Adapter

\- Viking universal paging interface \- Select: FXO (loop start) FXS (ring trip) or paging port (VOX relay) interface mode \- No power supply required in FXS interface mode \- Up to 6 units can be powered from one adapter in the FXO or VOX mode \- 30V DC talk battery for interfacing with FXO or unused phone system line input/trunk port \- Floating 600 ohm paging output with volume control \- Normally open or closed relay for external paging amp activation or interfacing the paging amp with an external background music source \- 800 Hz pre-announce page tone (on/off) \- Compatible with 24 to 48 volt FXS operation \- Calling party control (CPC) detection for immediate disconnect \- Busy signal detect disconnect \- 2.5 to 5 second VOX silence disconnect timer \- Programmable VOX trigger sensitivity \- 16 or 36 second default disconnect timer \- Screw terminal block connections \- Wall mount housing: (2) #6x3/4 panhead screws included \- Power: 12-24V DC @ 100mA 120V AC/12V DC @ 500mA UL listed adapter included (not required in FXS mode) \- Dimensions: 111mm x 76mm x 36mm (4.38� x 2.97� x 1.38�) \- Shipping Weight: .48 kg (1.06 lbs) \- Environmental: 0�C to 32�C (32�F to 90�F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity \- Relay Contacts: 30V [email protected] 110V [email protected] 125V [email protected] \- VOX Minimum Audio Signal to Activate Relay: -30dbm minimum / -26dbm minimum @ 1KHz with VOX sensitivity switch at normal / lower positions \- VOX Time Out Disconnect: 2.5 or 5 second \- Default Time Out Disconnect: 16 or 36 seconds \- Talk Battery: 30V DC VKFXI1 View Details

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