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Low Voltage Wire Connectors - QIYAT B Connectors Silicone Filled Wet B Gel Telephone Alarm Wire Crimp Bean Type Splice for Low Voltage application, Blue (300Pcs)

  • Blue Color Coding for Identification. Made of premium insulation materials-PVC. Waterproof for outdoor use.
  • Non-hardening gel moisture barrier, rugged protective outer covering and are filled with a corrosion resistant silicone gel.
  • Provided with piercing inner tines for connecting to wires.
  • Durable protective outer connectors covering.
  • Easy to squeeze the soft brass crimp.No need to strip which will save lots of time.

**These devices are splicing wire connectors which are intended for splicing conductors of cummunication type circuits. **These B-Connectors are used to splice low voltage wires, and designed to accept up to four strands of solid or stranded 22 Solid Copper AWG wire unstripped. **It is great for alarm and telephone wiring, phones, intercomsand, telecom, networking, small sound projects and installation of most communication curcuit equipment.** **These connectors have been utilized and used in the communications and CCTV industry for years and years and are the standard method for splicing wire."B" connectors are manufactured from the finest materials. They feature insulation piercing internal teeth, soft brass (easy to squeeze) crimp, a durable protective outer covering. They provide a solid dependable splice in wires ranging from 18 to 30 gauges.** **Features:** 1.Simply insert wire and crimp. Just need Linesman or needlenose pliers tooll. 2.Non-hardening gel moisture barrier. 3.Forms a corrosion resistant splice. 4.Easy to squeeze soft brass crimp. 5.Insulation piercing internal tines. 6.Durable protective outer covering. **Specification:** 1.Outer connector: Plastic Type - Heat Shrink Tubing Metal Housing. 2.Inner connector:Brass Inner Sleeve 3.Beryllium Copper plated with Bright Nickel Contact Resistance View Details

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