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Megadream 4 in 1 PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand, 12pcs Discs Storage Game Tower, Dual Controller Charging Dock Station, 3 Fans Cooler with USB Expansion Hub for Sony Playstation PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro

  • ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN & ANTI-SLIP EVA - Game Console Vertical Stand + 3 Cooler Fan + Dual Controller Charging Station + Video Games DVD storage. Anti-slip EVA on its two sides to avoid scratching and slipping of the PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro console
  • BUILT IN 3 HIGH SPEED FANS - It is specifically designed to help keep your PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim cool and calm, no worrying about your PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim overheating and burning your table after long hours of game playing
  • PORTABLE CHARGING STATION - 2 charger ports to charge 2 PS4 controller simultaneously. The charging station is removable for individual and portable use
  • CLIP-LIP-ON-STAND - Elastic stand fits for PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, keep your console to be used steady in a vertical position
  • GAME DISC STORAGE - A game tower to store your favorite collection, up to 12 PS4 game discs to keep them in place

This cooling stand, which is designed to decrease the temperature for PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro console effectively, can be used to charge the PS4 controller as well as work as console stand so that improve its performance and decrease the power loss. Charging station, which has 2 charger ports, can be charged both of your game controllers simultaneously. Built-in 3 high speed fans to accelerate the air inside the PS4 console to cool it. It can store 12pcs game discs on its left side. It can be compatible with the PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro console. **Specification:** Product Material: ABS Accessories: USB Cable Max Fan Speed: 5000+/-10% PRM, max air output: 12.6 CFM Charging Time: 2.5-3 hours (two controllers charging simultaneously) Supply Power: USB 5V (Connect the included USB cable with the console) Current: The max current for individual controller can reach 800mA when the PS4 controller is charging. The average current is 400mA when two controllers are charging (no fan is working) **User Guide:** Use the included USB charging cable Put this product on the drafty platform Disconnect this product with the PS4 console when cleaning it This product is the cooler, do not block the ventilation fence when using it Do not store or use this product in humid or high temperature environment Pull out any devices or input plugs with this product if not using it in a long time Do not put anything (especially the metal)into the ventilation hole to lead any short circuit Do not use it and send to the professional to repair it when this product is rain, soaked or broke Use the dry cloth to clean this product, not with any water or alcohol to lead any short circuit Do not let the children to play this product. **Package Contains:** 1*Cooling Stand(Discs/Controllers/Console are not included) 1*USB Cable 1*User Manual View Details

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